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Product news: New Snap-off knives

STACO is expanding the range of snap-off knives with two new and exciting models.

STACO 18 mm snap-off knife w. hook

Due to high demands in the Market, STACO is not presenting a new 18 mm snap-off knife with hook.

This new STACO Heavy Duty Snap-off knife is of the highest professional quality and is produced in a neat and stylish design with metal barrel and the very sturdy hook at the bottom.

The knife is supplied with the STACO X-treme sharp knife blade, which is easily stabilized using the powerful wheel lock to secure the best possible working conditions.

The knifes ergonomic design offers a good and secure grip.

See the STACO 18 mm snap-off knife w. hook here


STACO 18 mm Snap-off knife w. auto-retractable blade

Safety and comfort are paramount with the new STACO Heavy Duty 18 mm snap-off knife with auto-retractable blade.

In addition to the neat design, the knife also offers a wide range of other features.

The dual locking function are easily operated with the thumb and can be used to secure the blade in the preferred position or with the smart auto-retractable function that hides the blade immediately when the locking button is released. This function significantly increases the safety and is ideal for working with several minor cutting tasks.

The sturdy metal barrel on the knife has hardened tip that can be used for a wide range of purposes, among these are screwdriving (slotted) and opening paint tins. The knife also features a neat snapper-function at the bottom of the shaft, which makes it easy and safe to snap off the blade.

See the STACO 18 mm Snap-off knife w. auto-retractable blade here


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